Learning to swim as an adult, Why you should start today!


Not everyone learnt to swim as a child for lots of different reasons, but that doesn’t need to stop you. At 5 Star Swim Schools we strongly believe it’s never too late to learn how to swim. We have a variety of different options for adult learn to swim classes. You can join a weekly group lesson that focuses on beginner skills through to stroke tuition. We also offer adult private lessons if you would prefer to be on your own. If you are looking to improve your swimming technique and fitness, then our adult fitness squads would be a great choice. Our adult squads cater to all types of swimmers from the general lap swimmers to the open water/ surf/ masters’ competitors.

Royal Life Saving Australia’s 2018 national drowning report shows that 249 people lost their lives to drowning last year. A further 551 people were hospitalised due to non-fatal drowning, many of these causing permanent long-term effects.

Out of the 249 drowning deaths in 2018, a staggering 192 were over the age of 25. Breaking down these numbers, of those drownings where loss of life occurred, 30% were aged between 25-44 years. Males accounted for 72% of the overall drowning statistics. 35 people aged between 45-54 years also drowned and 29 deaths were aged 55-64 years. The 65+ age bracket accounted for 52 drownings. These statistics are scary and show that it is not only important for children to learn how to swim but adults as well! We are an island nation meaning we are surrounded by water. To avoid getting into an uncomfortable situation in the water, make sure your swimming skills are up to scratch.

Apart from the number one reason being safety learning to swim as an adult can also have many health benefits:

  • The waters buoyancy makes swimming a low impact sport on the joints and bones in your body. Swimming is also proven to strengthen the joints and improve
  • Studies have shown that combining aerobic exercise with resistance training (like swimming through a dense medium such as water) can maximize fat loss and muscle mass maintenance, which is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and reducing the risk of chronic disease.
  • Swimming can improve brain function and protect memory and thinking skills. To begin with, it increases your heart rate, which promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to your brain. It can also stimulate the production of hormones that can enhance the growth of brain cells. Exercise has been shown to cause the hippocampus, a part of the brain that’s vital for memory and learning, to grow in size. This serves to increase mental function in older adults.
  • Swimming regularly can help you relax and sleep better. The energy depletion that occurs during exercise stimulates recuperative processes during sleep, which greatly improves the quality of sleep. The increase in body temperature that occurs during exercise is also thought to improve sleep quality by helping the body’s temperature drop during sleep. Regular physical activity, regardless of whether it is aerobic or a combination of aerobic and resistance training, can help you sleep better and feel more energized during the day.

If you learnt to swim as a child but haven’t participated in any sort of swimming or water sport since it is important to get back in the pool. Like any other sport constant practice is required to continue to uphold skills.

Jinith Nair is currently enrolled in an adult learn to Swim class at one of our pools. Jinith never learnt to swim as a child. Here is what Jinith had to say about learning to swim as an adult.

“I live right near the beach and I see people swimming every day. We have beautiful water all around us. My daughter is 2.5 and she had to learn so I thought it was the perfect time for us both to give it a go.”

Don’t sit on the sidelines any longer! Enquire today and learn how to swim!