Should we have a break from swimming lessons through winter?


Winter is the best time of the year for your children to learn how to swim. Summer is always just around the corner and living on the NSW Central Coast means that we are surrounded by large bodies of water. Continuing swimming lessons over winter can help children to gain water confidence in time for the warmer months. Learning how to be safe and confident around water should be of high priority in every household. Swimming is not just a sport it’s an essential skill for life.

5 Star Swim Schools believes that swimming through winter is vital in getting your kids ready for summer. Here are some reasons why.


Stopping lessons during winter will put a hold on your child’s progression!

Children simply forget! Many children who stop swimming over winter can no longer keep up with the previous skills they have learnt. When you do decide to return back to lessons it will take time for your child to regain the previous skills that they had previously mastered. Children who stop lessons over winter tend to take a lot longer to learn how to swim compared to children who practice all year round.


Swimming can help to strengthen the immune system!

Despite common myth swimming through winter can help to reduce your children from getting sick. Lessons all year round can help to maintain a healthy strong immune system. This can also help to reduce the risk of catching colds and flues.  Our pools are heated to 31 degrees right through the cooler months. We also maintain heated air to ensure your children are warm before, during and after their lessons.


Swimming is a great source of fitness!

Keeping your children moving is important for creating a healthy lifestyle that they can carry on throughout their life. Swimming has also been found to increase blood flow to the brain which means more oxygen. This can help to improve your memory and cognitive function. Keeping up with physical activity can also help to keep endorphins flowing which means happier, healthier kids.


Did you know?

Swimming only once a week equals to only 26 hours’ worth of swimming over an entire year. If you skip the winter months this could mean roughly 19.5 hours. This is not a lot of swimming.

To put it into perspective do you remember how many hours it took your children to learn how to talk or walk?


To stay warm through winter we suggest showering your children at the pool straight after their lesson and dressing them in warm clothes and a beanie. All our pools have hot showers available for your use.