Consistency is key!

5 Star Swim Schools knows how important it is for all children to have the opportunity to learn how to swim. We also know that it takes time and constant repetitive practice for a child to master new skills. We know how important consistency is for children and how much of an effect consistency has on your child’s progress and swimming development.

We get asked the question all the time “how long will it take for my child to learn how to swim”. The truth to this answer is that there is no set time frame. What we do know is that CONSISTENCY IS KEY! Children are creatures of habit. Routine is so important for children. Once that routine is broken it can take time for your child to settle back into their swimming lesson. Progress will be put on hold and skills will be forgotten.

How can you help to keep your child’s lessons consistent?

Commit to lesson times that wont likely change very often.
It is important to make sure you show up to your child’s lesson each week. Children can’t progress when they are not there, and each missed lesson will mean your child’s progress will be put on hold even further. Find a lesson time that works for you and your family. Once you have the perfect time make a commitment to show up every week. Our staff will always endeavour to accommodate all our customers. Our pools run 7 days a week, so we have something for everyone. If you know that your lesson time may need to change give us as much notice as you can, and we can try our hardest to make it work for you.

Swim two or three times per week.
Every child learns differently, and some skills may take longer for a child to master than another. Committing to two or three swimming sessions per week means your child’s ability, comfort and progression is sure to be accelerated. By increasing the frequency of sessions not only do you increase how much swimming you do each week but it will also decrease the down time in between lessons. Which means more practice and less time to forget the skills already learnt. If you are consistent and with swimming multiple times a week you will soon see a rapid increase of progress.

If you do need to miss a lesson, make it up as soon as possible!
5 Star Swim Schools offers makeup lessons for any missed classes. Be sure to notify us that you won’t be able to make your lesson before the class starts. You are now able to do this on our customer portal. If you are going on a holiday and have access to be able to a pool, make the effort to take your children for a play each day.

Practice and play outside of lessons times!
Water play is so important for children when learning to swim. The more exposure to water children can have the better. Remember to always supervise your children in and around water!

Swim all year round!
There is a misconception out there that kids should have a break from lessons through winter. This could not be further from the truth. We know that taking a break from swimming lessons will only hinder your child’s progress. It takes time for your children to get their skill back up to scratch. Did you know, swimming only once a week equals to only 26 hours’ worth of swimming over and entire year. Repetition and consistency ensure that the foundations stay strong!

5 Star Swim Schools are committed to swimming and we want your experience with us to be as stress free as possible. We are here to help and will accommodate all our customers as best we can. Our dedicated team loves to watch your children gain new skills and become safer and stronger swimmers each week.