School holiday programs!

At 5 Star Swim Schools we offer a variety of different school holiday programs and clinics. These clinics are aimed at basic learn to swim right through to competitive swimming. All 5 of our Swim Centres have something different to offer most school holidays. Here is why we recommend holiday programs and clinics for your child.

Intensive programs can be used to give your child an additional boost.

School holiday programs are a great way to give your child that extra push they may need to hopefully fast track their progress. We know that commitment and consistency are so important when it comes to your child’s swimming progress. Swimming 5 days in a row through the holidays equates to the same amount of practice as swimming for a whole school term at one lesson per week. Learning a new skill takes time for children to master and having less time in between swimming lessons helps children to retain what they have learnt. Swimming every day for 1 or 2 weeks minimises any down time between session.

Stuck on a skill

It is common for children to get stuck on one specific skill. Focusing on one or two skills for 5 days in a row will help your child pick up these skills at a faster rate. This will help them to also retain the skills for when they return to their normal lessons, helping your child to progress at a faster rate than only swimming once or twice per week.

Recently moved up a level

If your child has recently moved up a level and is feeling worried or anxious about what is to come, holiday programs are a great way to help them settle into their new level and this can also be a great way to get a few skills ticked off before they start their new class.

Keep kids active in the holidays

We live in a time where it can be easy for children to spend their days in front of electronic devises. Why not get them out of the house once a day and help to keep them active! All our pools are indoors and heated so the weather is not a factor in how their lessons will run.

Being prepared for competitions and school swimming carnivals.

We offer a variety of clinics aimed at swimmers from mini squad right through. These clinics cover, Butterfly, breaststroke, and competitive race skills such as dives, turns and finishes. These clinics are great for competitive swimmers who are looking for some tips on how to make them race faster or for children who are looking to be prepared for their school swimming carnivals.

All 5 Centres will still be running as usual throughout the holidays with holiday programs being offered as an additional boost on top of their normal lessons. School holiday programs should always be used as an additional session rather then replacing your normal learn to swim classes. If your child does not do weekly lessons and only participates in the school holiday programs, it will be close to impossible for them to retain the skills that they learnt with such a big break between lessons.

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